Lost & Found.

The 1963 AC MA200 prototype is one of a kind.





A Remarkable Story

1962 - Design & Build

AC starts development of an open two-seater in Thames Ditton.

1963 - Registered

Registered on 19 November 1963 the MA-200 was engineered by Zdislaw Teofil Marzewski, a former MIG aircraft engineer. It was intended to be a front-engined flat-six coupe (however, some sources claim it has never been fitted with such engine), but the Polish engineer was soon instructed to redesign it for Ford 289 V8 mated with ZF five-speed gearbox.

1968 - Sold Privately

Namely Hurlock was the first owner of the MA-200. In 1968, the car was sold to its first private holder - Dr Roger Field from Bickley, Kent. The one-off-a-kind AC then passed to the hands of AC enthusiast Peter Hague from Chichester.

2006 - Purchased By Current Owner

In 2006, it was purchased by its current owner Mark Gold, an avid car collector from Miami after he found it neglected in England. Intrigued by the uniqueness and historical value of the car, he shipped it to the United States.

2006 - Restoration Work Begins

After arriving in America, The Lost Prototype was sent to the team of specialists at Creative Workshop in Dania Beach Florida. Unfortunately, it had a wrong convertible top, seats, wheels and even a wrong engine. Hence, lots of time was needed to properly research and analyze this mystery car in order to bring it back to its original condition. It's current condition is the result of over a decade of work.

2007 - Original Design Documents Discovered

Owner Mark Gold, visits designer Zdislaw Teofil Marzewski's family and finds a treasure trove of documentation including design sketches and notebooks in their attic. Not only did these documents prove to be valuable during the restoration, having them with the car provides a deeper layer of connection and pride of ownership.

2010 - Best in Class Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

It is not surprising that AC MA-200 was awarded as "Best In Class - Sports and GT Cars (1962 - 1970)" at Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance this March.


Countless man hours dedicated to preserving every detail with original parts.


The whole package including designer's notebooks and original drawings.

Own This Piece Of Automotive History

The current owner of the 1963 AC MA200 prototype is currently accepting offers on this one of a kind collector's dream.